November 9, 2016

Just Childcare Achieve Bronze Catering Mark!

We were delighted to receive our Bronze Catering Mark from the Soil Association last month to recognise the quality of the food served at our nurseries!
The Soil Association is a charity that believes good food is a right for all, and that its production should not harm the planet. As part of their work, the Soil Association have an award called the ‘Food for Life Catering Mark’. The award, Rich points out, ensures that food served in establishments throughout the UK is ethical, sustainable and fresh.

How did Just Childcare Achieve The Bronze Catering Mark?

Visiting Just Childcare nurseries to check the quality of food being served, The Soil Association confirmed that the food at our nurseries matches the criteria needed to achieve the award. To name a few of these criteria: all eggs must free range, meat must be farm assured, food should be at least 75% freshly prepared, and meals should never use endangered fish.


The Importance of Child Nutrition

In the interview Rich points out that that ensuring child nutrition from a young age is essential to forming healthy habits for life.

Understanding what healthy food is, where it comes from and getting a wide range of foods into your diet is very important; early year’s settings provide the opportunity to set these routines.

Rich also comments on the influence serving this food to children in a nursery can have within domestic settings. He suggests that it is common for children to go home and tell their parents about what they have eaten and for Mum and Dad to then emulate that.

Finally Rich states that the importance that food can have on social interaction should not be overlooked. It can be a great tool, he says, to help bring family or friends together two or three times a day.

Child Nutrition at Just Childcare

If you wish to know more about the food provided at our nurseries, you can view our online menus. We will be releasing a brand new menu in the New Year, so be sure to keep an eye out for those!