July 20, 2018

Make Our 3 Ingredient Banana Cookies!

Watch our short video to learn how you can make one of our favourite healthy snacks in minutes. These delicious 3 Ingredient Banana Cookies are low-fat, vegan and super easy to make. 

Children don’t just like eating cookies; they LOVE making them. We do lots of baking activities at nursery because it’s an exciting way to teach children all about healthy eating.

Baking makes learning about measurements much more interesting! Giving the ingredients a good stir helps develop children’s gross motor skills, whilst gently patting the cookies into shape is great for their fine motor skills.

Cook-a-Cookie, Spark a Conversation

Making these cookies can spark some lovely conversations about food between you and your little one.  Get the conversation flowing by asking open ended questions like “What do the ingredients smell like?” and “What do think the cookies will taste like they’re ready?”.  You can also have a chat about how the raisins look a bit like chocolate chip cookies!

Making Fruit Fun!

Using very ripe bananas makes these cookies super sweet with no added sugar. They’re a great way to enjoy two types of fruit, and they also help children learn about healthy alternatives to their favourite treats.

Make these cookies at home and let us know how you got on! Send your cookie triumph photos to socialmedia@justchildcare.co.uk

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