January 26, 2018

Join in with our Superhero Dress Up Day for Edie!

On Tuesday 6th February children at Just Childcare nurseries will be dressing up as superheroes in a bid to raise cash for Edie.

3-year-old Edie, who goes to Park Wood Private Day Nursery, needs £300,000 for special treatment for an inoperable brain tumour.

Little Edie loves chocolate, puppies and Spider-Man, so we thought a superhero dress up day would be a perfect way to raise funds. When your child comes to nursery on 6th February please dress them up as a superhero and make a donation towards Edie’s treatment.

We can’t wait to see our little superheroes in action

Whether they wear shop-bought or homemade costumes, we welcome all kinds of superheroes to our fundraiser! Your little one might be Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider Man or an entirely new superhero they’ve made up themselves – it’s up to you!

Edie with her hero!

Park Wood Nursery Manager Hannah Mooney said, “Edie’s parents have been incredibly strong and have managed to raise lots of funds for Edie’s treatment in Mexico.  However, we still need to raise nearly £200,000.

“We’re calling on the parents and carers of Just Childcare nurseries to help us be superheroes for Edie.

“Please make a donation at your nursery for our special little girl, who we are all desperate to help. Thank you so much”

Edie needs £300,000 for treatment

An absolutely amazing £101,514 has already been raised for Edie, but her family still need to raise much more. We do have a suggested donation at our nurseries but if you are able to give more then please do. It would mean a great deal to Edie’s parents Ashleigh and Stephen.

If you’d like to help Edie and her family even more, please help raise awareness of her cause. You can do this by sharing Edie’s fundraiser page with your friends and family.

Thank you to all of our parents and carers

We’d like to thank all of our parents and carers who have already helped us raise funds for Edie. You’re all superheroes in our eyes and we’re so grateful for your generosity.