August 2, 2023

The Spanish Adventure: Apprentices in Seville

A group of Just Childcare apprentices embarked on an extraordinary two-week work experience placement in the vibrant city of Seville, Spain alongside Head of Learning & Development, Janet Silver.

Thanks to the Turing Scheme, run by Orange Moon Training, these young learners were given a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience abroad and immerse themselves in the rich culture of Spain.

The trip not only offered the chance to enhance their expertise in childcare but also helped them develop essential life skills like communication and independence.

Arriving in Seville

On Sunday, July 16th, the apprentices landed in Seville after an eventful journey from Bristol/Manchester to Faro, Portugal, and a coach ride to their destination. Despite the long trip, the group was filled with enthusiasm and ready to explore the city.

Welcome Briefing and Tour

Their first day in Seville involved a welcome briefing and a local tour. Despite the scorching 40-degree weather, the group was eager to explore the city and familiarize themselves with important landmarks.

The apprentices also had their first experience communicating with locals in Spanish, ordering breakfast and lunch using keywords and gestures.

Meeting Nurseries and Managers

On the second day, the apprentices visited their respective nurseries and met with the managers where they discovered their assigned work partners, the language abilities of those they would be working with, the age groups they would be caring for, and the working hours they should expect.

It became apparent that Spanish and English nurseries have noticeable differences, particularly in terms of staff-to-child ratios and the use of mobile phones.

This eye-opening experience piqued the apprentices’ curiosity, fuelling their enthusiasm to delve deeper into the practices and culture of Spanish nurseries.

Learning and Exploring

During their work shifts, Google Translate helped break down language barriers, and the group enjoyed practicing Spanish, earning the trust of the children, and keeping them cool under the scorching Seville sun with nifty canopies.

Additionally, they enjoyed downtime where they explored Seville’s sights and attractions, including a memorable visit to an authentic flamenco show, and even a thrilling trip to the Isla Mágica theme park and Agua Mágica water park.

A Transformative Journey

While working in the Seville setting, my values and beliefs were challenged, and I feel like I’m going back to the UK with new perspectives about how much I appreciate my job in Early Years Education and all the policies and regulations we need to follow,” said Nursery Apprentice, Claudia. “I enjoyed interacting with children and learning more about them and their interests. I also discovered that I know more Spanish than I thought!

As the apprentices reflect on their two weeks in Seville – working in a foreign country, navigating different policies, and building relationships with children from diverse backgrounds expanded their perspectives and understanding of childcare practices.