July 26, 2018

10 Brilliant ‘No Planning Required’ Activities for Children

It’s not easy coming up with new (and affordable) outdoor activities for children every day.  

With this in mind, we’ve put together some ‘No Planning Required’ learning activities you can do outdoors and at home!

These ideas provide plenty of entertainment for children using natural objects like sticks, stones and a little bit of mud.

Super Simple Learning Activities for Children

There are 10 fun activities in our bag of tricks, and they’re all great for your child’s development. Some inspire imagination and creativity, while others help with communication, sensory development and understanding emotions.

‘Taking a pebble for a walk’ and ‘making a puppet out of a stick’ might not sound like your ideal way to spend a day, but children aged 5 and under tend to think these activities are brilliant. Plus they’re free, easy to do, and will provide lots of fun-filled family memories without pre-planning.

Download Your ‘No Planning Required’ Activity Sheet

How many of these activities can you in a month?  Let us know! Send your photos to socialmedia@justchildcare.co.uk

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