Our Food

It’s so important for children to develop a love of healthy eating at a young age. Their relationship with food – whether it be good or bad – is something they carry with them throughout their entire lives.

Our nursery menu teaches children that dinner doesn’t always have to be followed by dessert and that trying new food is exciting, not scary.

We educate our children on where their food comes from and help them to understand how it affects their bodies, helping them to make healthy choices now and in the future.

Feeding them with the same old plain food every day would be a lot easier for us, but it wouldn’t benefit them!

That’s why we’ll continue to introduce new dishes, ingredients, tastes and textures to our children and will always serve a fantastic nutritious menu.

Our Nursery Menus

Our carefully planned menus are designed to make sure our children are nurtured with delicious, freshly prepared food and a nutritionally balanced diet every day.

We serve meals that are inspired by a variety of different cultures. As a result, our children get to discover an exciting range of tastes, smells and textures. By keeping our menus interesting we aim to teach our children that trying new food is exciting, not scary, and that healthy ingredients can be transformed into something amazing!

In addition, our menus rotate on a four-week basis, to ensure your child can enjoy a wide range of high-quality food.

Download our sample menus for a little taster.

Download our Winter Menus

What can you expect from our menus?

Nutritious food that’s been freshly prepared
Delicious, healthy and balanced meals and snacks
A wide variety of lovely flavours, textures and smells
Meals and snacks that have no added salt or sugar
Meals that include no processed meat
A healthy start to the week with Meat Free Mondays
Four-week rotating seasonal menus

Thought for Food

Throughout their time at nursery, your little one will get lots of opportunities to prepare their own snacks using fresh ingredients, helping them to understand where healthy food comes from.

Cooking helps children to measure, weigh and count their way to a healthy meal. It also helps develop fine and gross motor skills, teaches children about food hygiene, and encourages fussy eaters to try new types of food!

As well as eating delicious food every day, we incorporate healthy food items into a range of learning activities, from sensory play and art to roleplay and gardening.

By creating this positive association with healthy ingredients, we aim to create healthy habits in our children that will last a lifetime.

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