Nursery FAQs

Here are a few of the questions we get asked the most.

If you don’t see what’s on your mind, drop us an email and we’ll do all we can to answer you query.

We’d recommend you always take a tour of our nursery and others in the area to see make sure it’s the perfect fit for you and your little one. Once you have made your decision, we would ask you to complete a registration form and upon confirmation of availability pay a £75 registration fee to secure your child’s nursery place.

We do not offer short term, ad hoc childcare.

Experience has shown us that children who attend for just one day per week can understandably take longer to settle fully into nursery life, so we generally recommend a minimum of 2 days (or 4 sessions) per week to ensure you and your child get the most from all we have to offer.

We also understand that circumstances dictate this may not be possible so one day (or 2 sessions) are the minimum booking pattern we provide at any of our nurseries.

Our full fees include all meals and snacks.

Unfortunately, the Government’s free childcare entitlement only covers the ‘care’ element of your child’s time at nursery and as a result there is an additional charge applied to these sessions for meals and snacks. Full details can be found on your nursery fee sheet.

Yes, all nappies, wipes, nappy creams and formula milk (ready-made) are provided.

At Just Childcare we take our responsibility to provide you with the best quality care available very seriously.

Should you have a complaint about the nursery, the way we work, or a member of staff please discuss this as soon as possible with a member of the nursery management team. Many issues can often be the result of mis-communication or a simple misunderstanding so the sooner we know about them, the sooner we can resolve your query.

If you feel as though your complaint has not been dealt with to your satisfaction at your nursery, we would ask that you contact your nursery’s Area Manager whose details you will find on your parent notice board or email Our senior management team will respond to your complaint.

Policy and Procedures

As you would expect we have a comprehensive range of policies and procedures in place at our nurseries to ensure we operate to the highest standards, everything runs smoothly and everyone remains safe.

To make things simple, we’ve put together a pdf that sets out our guidelines surrounding the areas that we’re most often asked about by parents and carers.


If you have a query about any other area or would like further information about any area of our policies and procedures, please don’t hesitate to speak to your nursery manager who will be more than happy to give you further details.

Click here to download a summary of
Just Childcare’s Nursery Policies & Procedures.

Useful Parent Links

We put a huge amount of value on developing strong parent partnerships and will work closely with you to support your child’s development at home and at nursery. Your nursery manager and ‘key person’ are always on hand to give you any support and advice you need and there are also lots of reliable resource you can access from home.

Safer sleep for babies, Support for families

The Lullaby Trust raises awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and provides expert advice on safer sleep for babies. Backed by years of research this simple guide tells you all to need about providing your little one with a safer sleep.

Safer Sleep PDF

Your Baby’s First Solid Foods

about what they’ve been trying at home so we can continue this at nursery. This NHS guide gives you all the information you need surrounding weaning along with links to a range of other associated resources

Baby's First Solid Foods

Potty Training

Your child’s key person will work closely with you to help with your little ones’ potty training at nursery. The NHS provides lots of really handy tips about potty training at home on this page of their website.

Potty Training

Reading with your child

Reading at home with your child is one of the simplest and most effective ways to support their literacy and communication. The LiteracyTrust’s ‘Words for Life’ Website has lots of really useful information and downloads to help you inspire your child’s love of reading from an early age.

Reading with your child
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